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U.S. Radio Station Charts & Playlists

Chart Chart Name Genre
WKKV V-100.7 (Milwaukee, WI)  Top 10  HipHop 
KHQT Hot 103 (Las Cruces, NM)  Top 50  HipHop 
WDXB 102.5 The Bull (Birmingham, AL)  Top 10  Country 
WLRQ Lite Rock 99.3 (Cocoa, FL)  Top 10 Songs  AC 
WHRK K-97.1 (Memphis, TN)  Top 10 Jams  HipHop 
KBCS 91.3 (Bellevue, WA)  World Music Playlist  World 
KSSE Super Estrella 107.1 (Los Angeles, CA)  Top 10  Latin 
WRVR The River 104.5 (Memphis, TN)  Top 20  AC 
WTKX TK 101 (Pensacola, FL)  TK Top Ten  Rock 
WHTD Hot 102.7 (Detroit, MI)  Playlist  HipHop 
WKDD 98.1 (Akron, OH)  Top 8 @ 8  AC 
KROC 106.9 (Rochester, MN)  Current Playlist  Pop 
Adult Contemporary (Network)  Airplay  AC 
KHMX Mix 96.5 (Houston, TX)  Top 10  AC 
TEST 87.5 FM (Anchorage, AK)  Playlist  Rock  Top Tracks  Pop 
Power 106 FM (Burbank, CA)  Playlist  HipHop 
WCQR 88.3 (Johnson City, TN)  Weekend Top 20 Countdown  Christian 
KBCS 91.3 (Bellevue, WA)  Americana Playlist  Americana 
KGLL 96.1 Kiss FM (Ft. Collins, CO)  Kiss Top 10  Pop 
KCXX 103.9 (Riverside/San Bernadino, CA)  Playlist  Alternative 
Hot 93.3 FM (Austin, TX)  Playlist  HipHop 
KSXY Hot 98.7 (Santa Rosa, CA)  Playlist  Pop 
WGMR G-101 (State College, PA)  Today's Best Sellers  Pop 
KRUA 88.1 FM (Anchorage, AK)  Weekly Top 10  Alternative 
KYOT 95.5 (Phoenix, AZ)  Top 10 Songs  Jazz 
KJZS 92.1 (Reno, NV)  Top 20 Smooth Grooves  Jazz 
WLMG Magic 101.9 (New Orleans, LA)  Magic Music  AC 
WIXY 100.3 (Champaign, IL)  Top 10  Country 
KROC 106.9 (Rochester, MN)  Top 9 at 9  Pop 
106.7 Lite FM (New York, NY)  Playlist  AC 
WAIL 99 (Key West, FL)  Top 10  ClassicRock 
WLNK 107.9 The Link (Charlotte, NC)  LINK Music  AC 
KQKS KS 107.5 (Denver, CO)  Playlist  HipHop 
KSUX US 97 (Springfield, MO)  Top 10 Songs  Rock 
WWHT Hot 107.9 (Syracuse, NY)  Top 10  Pop 
WVRV 101.1 The River (St. Louis, MO)  Top 10 Songs  AC 
WKLS 96 Rock (Atlanta, GA)  Top 10  ClassicRock 
KMKF K-Rock 101.5 (Manhattan, KS)  Top 10 Song List  Rock 
WTLC 106.7 (Indianapolis, IN)  Most Played Songs  R&B 
WTIC 96.5 (Hartford, CT)  Top 5 Picks  AC 
KMMS Moose 95.1 (Bozeman, MT)  Top 10 Moose Songs  AAA 
KHBZ 94.7 The Buzz (Oklahoma City, OK)  Buzz Top 10  Rock 
KDAT 104.5 (Cedar Rapids, IA)  Playlist  AC 
WBHY (Mobile, AL)  Top 30 Songs  Christian 
KGOT 101.3 (Anchorage, AK)  Top 8@8 Lucky Monkey  Pop 
WIKS 101.9 Kiss-FM (New Bern, NC)  Top 100 Songs  HipHop 
WRAL Mix 101.5 (Raleigh, NC)  Mix Playlist  AC 
WLQT Lite 99.9 (Dayton, OH)  Top 10  AC 
KDBB B104 (Park Hills, MO)  Playlist  AAA 
KMIH X-104.5 (Seattle, WA)  Playlist  HipHop 
WJGO 102.9 Groovin' Oldies  Groovin's Top 100  Oldies 
KIZN Kissin' 92 (Boise, ID)  Kissin' 92 Playlist  Country 
KLAW K-Law 101 (Lawton, OK)  Top 10  Country 
WSJT 94.1 Smooth Jazz (Lakeland, FL)  Playlist  Jazz 
WRVW 107.5 The River (Nashville, TN)  Top Ten Songs  Pop 
KTRA 102 (Farmington, NM)  Top 10  Country 
WBTX 1470 (Harrisonburg, VA)  Bluegrass Chart  Bluegrass 
KYMX Mix 96 (Sacramento, CA)  Top 20 Songs  AC 
WJIZ 96.3 (Albany, GA)  Top 10 Songs  HipHop 
95.9 & 104.9 The Tiger (Auburn, AL)  Current Playlist  AAA 
WHEB 100.3 (Portsmouth, NH)  Top 10 Played  Rock 
KCEP 88.1 Power 88 (Las Vegas, NV)  Playlist  R&B 
WJHM 102 Jamz (Daytona Beach, FL)  The Top 20 JAMZ  HipHop 
KMXP Mix 96.9 (Phoenix, AZ)  Top 10 Songs  Pop 
WZJZ 107.1 (Ft. Myers, FL)  Top 10  Jazz 
WLVY 94-Rock (Elmira, NY)  94-Rock's Hitlist  Pop 
KPRR Power 102 (El Paso, TX)  Top Ten  HipHop 
WHOG Hog 95.7 (Ormond-By-The-Sea, FL)  This Weeks Top 10  Rock 
WMYI My 102.5 FM (Greenville-Spartanburg, SC)  Top 10 Songs  AC 
WDAI 98.5 Kiss FM (Myrtle Beach, SC)  Kiss Top Ten Records  HipHop 
WTMP 96.1 (Dade City, FL)  Playlist  R&B 
KKIQ 101.7 (Oakland, CA)  Play List  AC 
WNNX 99X (Atlanta, GA)  Playlist  Alternative 
WBRU 95.5 (Providence, RI)  Playlist  Alternative 
WRZX Z-103 (Indianapolis, IN)  Top 10  Alternative 
WUMB Folk Radio 91.9 (Boston, MA)  Top 100 CDs 2004  Folk 
KITI Live 95.1 (Centralia, WA)  Live 95 Playlist  AC 
WAPS 91.3 The Summit (Akron, OH)  Music Chart  AAA 
KRAB 106.1 (Bakersfield, CA)  Most Heard  Rock 
KZSU 90.1 (Stanford, CA)  Top 10 Albums  Americana 
WNTQ 93-Q (Syracuse, NY)  Hitlist  Pop 
KZIA Z102.9 (Cedar Rapids, IA)  The Hot 30  Pop 
KFMI Power 96.3 (Eureka-Arcata, CA)  Power Playlist  AC 
KKLS Hot 104.7 (Sioux Falls, SD)  Hot 9@9  Pop 
WCTH Thunder 100.3 (Homestead, FL)  Top 10  Country 
KEXP 90.3 (Seattle, WA)  KEXP Music Charts  Americana 
WAEB B104 (Allentown, PA)  The Top Ten  Pop 
WPCH 94.9 Lite FM (Atlanta, GA)  Top 10  Oldies 
WZOO 102 Zoo (Ashtabula, OH)  Zoo's Top Ten  AC 
WLOQ 103.1 (Orlando, FL)  Top 25 Songs  Jazz 
KMJE Sunny 101.5 (Chico, CA)  Hot Sunny Music  AC 
KRNG Renegade 101.3 (Reno, NV)  Top Tunes for the Week  Christian 
KKSR Kiss 96.7 (St. Cloud, MN)  Top 30  Pop 
KCUV 102.3 (Denver, CO)  Current Playlist  Americana 
WLRQ 99.3 (Melbourne-Cocoa, FL)  Top 10 Songs  AC 
WBAZ 102.5 (Riverside, NY)  Top 15  AC 
WUMB Folk Radio 91.9 (Boston, MA)  Top 100 CDs 2003  Folk 
WQOL Oldies 103.7 (Vero Beach, FL)  Top 10  Oldies 
WQIK 99.1 FM (Jacksonville, FL)  Top 10  Country 
WKTU (New York, NY)  Top 10  Dance 
WIMT T-102 (Lima, OH)  Top 10  Country 
WBHT 97 BHT (Scranton-Wilkes Barre, PA)  Playlist  Pop 
KZCD Z-94 (Lawton, OK)  Z94 Top 10  Rock 
KTCL 93.3 Area93 (Denver, CO)  8 Most Wanted  Alternative 
WNNL 103.9 The Light (Raleigh-Durham, NC)  Top 20  Gospel 
WEOW 92.7 (Key West, FL)  Top 10  Pop 
KNCO Star 94.1 (Grass Valley, CA)  Top Twenty  AC 
WRBV V-101.7 (Macon, GA)  Top 10  R&B 
KAZR Lazer 103.3 (Des Moines, IA)  Top 5 Songs  Rock 
Doble Nueve 99.1 FM  Las Mas Tocadas  Rock 
WQQB Q96 (Champaign, IL)  Hitlist  Pop 
KZFM Z-95 (Corpus Christi, TX)  Hot Z95 Top 20  HipHop 
WAOA 107.1 (Melbourne, FL)  Play List  Pop 
KTEX 100.3 (Harlingen, TX)  Top 10  Country 
KWLF 98.1 FM - Wolf 98.1 (Fairbanks, AK)  Top Five at Five  Pop 
WMBR (Cambridge, MA)  Weekly Tracking Report  Alternative 
WJVT 92.1 & 97.1 Kiss FM (Burlington, VT)  Kiss FM Top Ten  Pop 
WQEN 103.7 Q (Birmingham, AL)  Top 10  Pop 
KUGR 95 (Pullman, WA)  Top 10  Alternative 
WSTH Rooster 106 (Columbus, GA)  Top 10  Country 
WFLX 93.3 FM (Tampa, FL)  Top 10  Pop 
KSJO La Preciosa 92.3 (San Jose, CA)  Top 10 Songs  Latin 
WHAT Hot 107.9 (Atlanta, GA)  Playlist  HipHop 
WFKZ Sun 103.1 (Plantation Key, FL)  Top 10  Oldies 
WFBX 94.5 The Fox (Parker, FL)  Fox Top Rock  Rock 
KPNT 105.7 The Point (St. Louis, MO)  Point Playlist  Alternative 
KNCQ Q97 (Redding, CA)  Top 10 Weekly Requests  Country 
WRVE 99.5 The River (Albany, NY)  Top 10 Songs  AC 
WKJY Kjoy 98.3 (Long Island, NY)  Playlist  AC 
WFBC B93.7 (Greenville, SC)  Playlist  Pop 
KYSR 98.7 (Los Angeles, CA)  Top 10  AC 
KDND 107.9 The End (Sacramento, CA)  Top Ten  Pop 
WUMB Folk Radio 91.9 (Boston, MA)  Top 100 CDs 2005  Folk 
WHYI Y-100.7 (Fort Lauderdale, FL)  Top 10  Pop 
KRVE 96.1 The River (Baton Rouge, LA)  Top 10  AC 
KZMY My 103.5 (Bozeman, MT)  My Top 10 Songs  AC 
WEND 106.5 The End (Charlotte, NC)  Top 10 Songs  Alternative 
WRVB 102.1 The River (Parkersburg, WV)  The River's Top 10  Pop 
KMXI Mix 95.1 (Chico, CA)  Top 10 This Week  AC 
KMJQ Majic 102.1 (Houston, TX)  Majic Playlist  R&B 
WXDX The X (Pittsburgh, PA)  Top 10  Rock 
WAJI Majic 95.1 (Ft. Wayne, IN)  Top 10  AC 
KHKS 106.1 Kiss-FM (Dallas, TX)  Top 10  Pop 
WSTW (93.7 FM - Wilmington, DE)  Chart  Pop 
WDDH 97.5 The Hound (Ridgway, PA)  The Hound Top 12  Country 
KTHX 100.1 The X (Reno, NV)  Playlist  AAA 
New Country (Network)  Airplay  Country 
Adult Hit Radio (Network)  Airplay  Adult 
WMRR 101.7 (Muskegon, MI)  Our Favorites  ClassicRock 
WSJT 94.1 (Land O'Lakes, FL)  Playlist  Jazz 
KLRR Clear 101.7 (Bend, OR)  Playlist  AAA 
KBFM Wild 104 (Harlingen, TX)  Top 10  Pop 
WIOQ Q-102 (Philadelphia, PA)  Top Hits  Pop 
KTTB B96 The Beat (Edina, MN)  Playlist  HipHop 
KMYI 94.1 (San Diego, CA)  Top 10 Songs  AC 
WKNN K99.1 (Biloxi, MS)  K99's Top Ten Songs  Country 
WNOK 104.7 (Columbia, SC)  NOK Top 10  Pop 
WXRA 100.3 The Buzzard (Greensboro-Winston Salem, NC)  Top 10  Rock 
KPSI Mix 100.5 (Palm Springs, CA)  MixList  Pop 
KRVV 100.1 The Beat (Monroe, LA)  The Beat Top 25  HipHop 
WARQ Rock 93.5 (Columbia, SC)  Playlist  Alternative 
KABQ Mega 104.1 (Albuquerque, NM)  Mega Top 10  Latin 
WGAR 99.5 (Cleveland, OH)  Top 10 Songs  Country 
KKMJ Majic 95.5 (Austin, TX)  Majic Music  AC 
WJVL 99.9 (Janesville, WI)  Top Requests  Country 
'LA' Ritmo  Top 15 Radio Playlist  Latin 
WWYZ 92.5 (Hartford, CT)  Top 10 Songs  Country 
KBFB 97.9 The Beat (Dallas, TX)  Playlist  HipHop 
WQDR 94.7 (Raleigh-Durham, NC)  Playlist  Country 
WMXL Mix 94.5 (Lexington, KY)  Top 10 Songs  AC 
Magic 101.7 (Charleston, SC)  Magic's Top 20  R&B 
KSLY Cat Country 96.1 (San Luis Obispo, CA)  Cat Top 10  Country 
KNCN C101 (Corpus Christi, TX)  C-101 Top 10  Rock 
WCUZ 101.3 The Fox (Grand Rapids, MI)  Top 10  Rock 
WAEZ Electric 94.9 (Bristol, TN)  Electric Top 10  Pop 
WDRM 102.1 (Huntsville, AL)  Top 10  Country 
WUSL Power 99 (Philadelphia, PA)  Top Jams  HipHop 
WJMN Jam'n 94.5 (Boston, MA)  Top 10  HipHop 
WWPR Power 105.1 (New York, NY)  Top 10 Songs  HipHop 
WJYD Joy 106.3 (Columbus, OH)  Playlist  Gospel 
WMIL 106.1 (Milwaukee, WI)  Top 10 Songs  Country 
The Buzz 94.5 (Houston, TX)  Top 10  Alternative 
KRBE 104 (Houston, TX)  Top 5 @ 8  Pop 
WFSY Sunny 98.5 (Panama City, FL)  Top 10  AC 
WWDE 2WD 101.3 (Norfolk, VA)  2WD Music  AC 
WXXB B-102.9 (Lafayette, IN)  Hot 30  Pop 
KQKY Hits 106 (Kearney, NE)  Top 9@9  Pop 
WMXJ 102.7 Oldies Radio Magic (Pompano Beach, FL)  Top 5 @ 5  Oldies 
WOOZ Z100 (Carbondale-Marion, IL)  Z100 Top 10  Country 
KLOL Mega 101.1 (Houston, TX)  Top 20  Latin 
WMMX Mix 107.7 (Dayton, OH)  Top 10  Adult 
WBTT 105.5 The Beat Jamz (Naples Park, FL)  Biggest Joints  HipHop 
The City (Network)  Airplay  HipHop 
WKSZ 95.9 (Green Bay, WI)  Hitlist  Pop 
KAKQ 101.1 FM - Magic 101.1 (Fairbanks, AK)  Top Played  AC 
KSLT 107.3 & 107.9 (Rapid City, SD)  This Week's Top 10  Christian 
WAFL Eagle 97.7 (Milford, DE)  Current Playlist  AC 
WDUK 104.7 (Eugene, OR)  Phat 5 Countdown  Pop 
KMML 96.6 (Amarillo, TX)  Top 10  Country 
WPAP 92.5 (Panama City, FL)  Top 10  Country 
WINK Wink 96.9 (Fort Myers, FL)  Wink Top 20  AC 
Highway 16  Airplay  Country 
WYYX 97-X (Bonifay, FL)  97X Playlist  Rock 
KAMX Mix 94.7 (Austin, TX)  Mix Music  AC 
KODA Sunny 99.1 (Houston, TX)  Top 10  AC 
WBYR 98.9 The Bear (Ft. Wayne, IN)  Top Tunes  Rock 
KEYJ Rock 108 (Abilene, TX)  Top 10  Rock 
WEBZ 93.5 The Beat (Port Saint Joe, FL)  Beat Most Requested  HipHop 
WMIB 103.5 The Beat (Fort Lauderdale, FL)  Top 10  HipHop 
WCVU 104.9 (Solana, FL)  Top 10  AC 
WPST (97.5 PST-FM - Trenton, NJ)  Top Nine at 9  Pop 
KEDJ Edge 103.9 (Phoenix, AZ)  Playlist  Alternative 
WXXL XL-106.7 (Orlando, FL)  Hot 9@9  Pop 
WJXQ Q-106 (Lansing, MI)  Playlist  Rock 
WNCI 97.9 (Columbus, OH)  Playlist  Pop 
WCLY 1550 AM (Raleigh, NC)  Playlist  Gospel 
WUSY US-101 (Chattanooga, TN)  Top 10  Country 
KHUM 104.7 & 104.3 (Humboldt County, CA)  Playlist  AAA 
WRKS 98.7 (New York, NY)  Kiss Playlist  R&B 
WJXB B97.5 (Knoxville, TN)  Playlist  AC 
KLUC 98.5 (Las Vegas, NV)  Playlist  HipHop 
XTRA 91X (San Diego, CA)  Most Played  Alternative 
WZZO 95.1 (Allentown, PA)  Top 10  Rock 
KDON 102.5 (Salinas, CA)  Top 10 Spins  HipHop 
KKMG 98.9 Magic FM (Colorado Springs, CO)  Magic Top 20  Pop 
KINK (Portland, OR)  Playlist  AAA 
WMXC Lite Mix 99.9 (Mobile, AL)  Most Requested  AC 
WAEZ Electric 94.9 (Bristol, TN)  9 @ 9  Pop 
WSTO Hot 96 (Evansville, IN)  Hot 96 Hit Music  Pop 
WFMS 95.5 (Indianapolis, IN)  Indy's Most Wanted Top 10  Country 
WPBH Beach 99.3 (Mexico Beach, FL)  Uncle Harley's Top 5 at 5  Oldies 
WCOL 92.3 (Columbus, OH)  Playlist  Country 
KBCS 91.3 (Bellevue, WA)  Jazz Playlist  Jazz 
WUMB Folk Radio 91.9 (Boston, MA)  Top 100 CDs 2000  Folk 
WUMB Folk Radio 91.9 (Boston, MA)  Top 100 CDs 1999  Folk 
KYSM Country 103 (Mankato, MN)  Top 10 Played Songs  Country 
WPOC 93.1 (Baltimore, MD)  Top 10  Country 
WPLA Planet 107.3 (Jacksonville, FL)  Top 10 Planet Songs  Alternative 
WBAV V-101.9 (Charlotte, NC)  Top Requests  R&B 
RadioWave Airplay Monitor  CHR/Pop  Pop 
KRQR (Z-Rock - Chico, CA)  Weekly Z-Rock Top 25  Rock 
RadioAMP  Top 30 Songs  Pop 
WYLD 98 (New Orleans, LA)  Top 10  R&B 
WMJJ Magic 96.5 (Birmingham, AL)  Top 10  AC 
WESC 92.5 (Greenville-Spartanburg, SC)  Top Ten  Country 
WROG 102.9 (Cumberland, MD)  Top 40 Countdown  Country 
KSII 93.1 (El Paso, TX)  Top 5 Songs  AC 
KEAN 105.1 (Abilene, TX)  Country 10  Country 
KCLR Clear 99 (Columbia, MO)  Top 30  Country 
KDND 107.9 The End (Sacramento, CA)  Playlist  Pop 
RadioWave Airplay Monitor  Smooth Jazz/Fusion  Jazz 
WLVE Love 94 (Miami Beach, FL)  Top 10  R&B 
WFHN Fun 107 (Fairhaven, MA)  Top 20  Pop 
KATF 102.9 (Dubuque, IA)  Top Songs  AC 
WVJC The Bash 89.1 (Mt. Carmel, IL)  The Bash Hit Music  Alternative 
WKRL 100.9 K-Rock (Syracuse, NY)  Top 5 Requests  Alternative 
96.7 Kiss-FM (Austin, TX)  Top 10  Pop 
WLLD Wild 98.7 (St. Petersburg, FL)  Top 20  HipHop 
WKSE Kiss 98.5 (Buffalo, NY)  Playlist  Pop 
KSUP 106.3/107.9 (Juneau, AK)  Hot Tracks  AAA 
WTKX TK-101 (Pensacola, FL)  TK Top 10  Rock 
KKRW 93.7 The Arrow (Houston, TX)  Most Popular  ClassicRock 
KIIS 102.7 (Los Angeles, CA)  JoJo's Top 9 @ 9  Pop 
KAZX Star 102.9 & 107.7 (Farmington, NM)  Star Top 10  Pop 
Radio Sonder Grense  SA Top 20  Pop 
WLYF 101.5 (Miami, FL)  Playlist  AC 
KTWV 94.7 The Wave (Los Angeles, CA)  Playlist  Jazz 
WLMS Spirit FM 88.3 (Lecanto, FL)  Top 20  Christian 
KLLC Alice 97.3 (San Francisco, CA)  Weekly Playlist  Pop 
WAZY 96.5 (Lafayette, IN)  Playlist  Pop 
WBWT 100.7 The Beat (Midway, FL)  Top 10 Songs  HipHop 
KZKX 96KX (Lincoln, NE)  Top 10  Country 
KPRT 1590 (Kansas City, MO)  Top 20  Gospel 
WVAZ V-103 (Chicago, IL)  Top 10  R&B 
KUZZ 107.9 (Bakersfield, CA)  Top 20  Country 
KXPC (Lebanon, OR)  Music Chart  Country 
WPBZ Buzz 103 (Indiantown, FL)  Playlist  Alternative 
WNVZ Z-104 (Norfolk, VA)  Top5/Top 9  HipHop 
KMEL 106 (San Francisco, CA)  Top 10 Jamz  HipHop 
KYIS 98.9 Kiss (Oklahoma City, OK)  The Kiss-FM Top 10  AAA 
WMSV Mississippi State University (Mississippi State, MS)  Top 100  AAA 
WBTP 95.7 The Beat (Clearwater, FL)  Top 10  HipHop 
WJYY 105.5 (Manchester, NH)  Top 9 @ 9  Pop 
KDWB 101.3 (Minneapolis, MN)  Most Wanted  Pop 
KZZO 100.5 The Zone (Sacramento, CA)  The Zone Playlist  Pop 
RadioWave Airplay Monitor  Rock/Active Rock  Rock 
Octane Network  Airplay  Rock 
KCLD 104.7 (St. Cloud, MN)  Listener Choice Top 20  Pop 
WNUA 95.5 (Chicago, IL)  Top Ten  Jazz 
K-Life 89.3 (Santa Barbara, CA)  Top 25  Christian 
KISS (92.5 FM - Toledo, OH)  Chart  Pop 
Sirius Satellite Radio  The Sirius Hits Weekend Countdown  Pop 
WBVD 95.1 The Beat (Melbourne, FL)  Top 10  HipHop 
Alive 105 (Chattanooga, TN)  Top 25 Songs  AC 
96.1 KISS FM (Fort Collins, CO)  Kiss Top 10  Pop 
KTOM 92.7 (Monterey-Salinas, CA)  Top 10  Country 
KKDA K-104 (Dallas, TX)  Top Ten Songs  HipHop 
KYSL Krystal 93 (Frisco, CO)  Playlist  AAA 
WSMJ 104.3 (Baltimore, MD)  Top 10  Jazz 
XHTZ Z-90.3 (San Diego, CA)  Playlist  HipHop 
WMMS (Cleveland, OH)  MMS Most Requested  Rock 
WJBT 92.7 The Beat Jamz (Green Cove Springs, FL)  Top 10  HipHop 
WUVA 92.7 Kiss FM (Charlottesville, VA)  Playlist  R&B 
WDCG G-105 (Raleigh, NC)  Top 10 Songs  Pop 
KSOF 98.9 (Fresno, CA)  Top 10  AC 
Radio Disney  Top 30 Countdown  Pop 
KGGI 99.1 (Riverside, CA)  Top 10 Spins  HipHop 
WLIT The Lite 93.9 (Chicago, IL)  Top 10 Songs  AC 
WROO 93.3 The Rooster (Jacksonville, FL)  Top 10  Country 
KLAQ Q-95.5 (El Paso, TX)  Top 5 @ Five  Rock 
KBER 101 (Salt Lake City, UT)  Top 10  Rock 
WOOD Star 105.7 (Grand Rapids, MI)  Most Played  AC 
KXXO Mixx 96 (Olympia, WA)  Top 20  AC 
KJMS 101.1 (Memphis, TN)  Top Ten Songs  R&B 
WAPS-FM, 91.3 (Akron, OH)  Playlist  Adult 
WVSU 91.1 (Birmingham, AL)  Hot 30  Jazz 
WVSR Electric 102.7 (Charleston, WV)  Interactive 9@9  Pop 
WCAO Heaven 600 AM (Baltimore, MD)  Top 10  Gospel 
WCKT Cat Country 100 (Ft. Myers/Naples, FL)  Top 10  Country 
K97 FM (Memphis, TN)  Top 10 Jams  HipHop 
WSUY Sunny 96.9 (Charleston, WV)  Sunny Top 10's  AC 
KJYO KJ-103 (Oklahoma City, OK)  Top 10  Pop 
KRVR The River 105.5 (Modesto, CA)  Playlist  Jazz 
KIOZ 105.3 (San Diego, CA)  Top 10 Songs  Rock 
KFKQ (Union City/Paris, TN)  Top 40 Songs  Pop 
WCTH Thunder Country (Plantation Key, FL)  Top 10  Country 
KKFR Power 92.3 (Phoenix, AZ)  Top 5 E-Quest Songs  HipHop 
Hot Jamz (Radio Network)  Airplay  HipHop 
RadioWave Airplay Monitor  Country/Americana  Americana 
WQIK 99.1 (Jacksonville, FL)  Top 10  Country 
WEGX - Eagle 92.9 (Florence, SC)  Top Songs of the Week  Country 
WKCI KC-101.3 (New Haven, CT)  Top 10  Pop 
KYMG 98.9 FM - Magic 98.9 (Anchorage, AK)  Top 10 Songs  AC 
WKKF 102.3 (Albany, NY)  Top 10  Pop 
WSWT 107 (Peoria, IL)  Top Hit List  AC 
KXKT Kat-103 (Omaha, NE)  Favorites  Country 
KBBD 103.9 BOB-FM (Spokane, WA)  Top 100 Songs  Oldies 
WHMS 97.5 (Champaign, IL)  Lite Rock 97.5 Playlist  AC 
KHAK 98.1 (Cedar Rapids, IA)  KHAK Playlist  Country 
WNUQ Q101 (Albany, GA)  Playlist  Pop 
WGSQ Giant 94 (Cookeville, TN)  Giant Top 10  Country 
WNWN Win 98.5 (Battle Creek, MI)  Top 5 @ 9  Country 
Sirius Satellite Radio  Sirius Hits 1  Pop 
KIIZ Z-92.3 (Kileen, TX)  'Z' Top 10  HipHop 
KBXX 97.9 The Box (Houston, TX)  Box Top 30  HipHop 
KXXY 96.1 (Oklahoma City, OK)  Top 10  Country 
WTNT 94.9 (Tallahassee, FL)  Top 10  Country 
WTMG Magic 101.3 (Gainesville, FL)  Top Ten Hits  HipHop 
WXTB 98 Rock (Clearwater, FL)  Top Tracks  Rock 
KGBX 105.9 (Springfield, MO)  Top Ten  AC 
Top 20 on 20  Airplay  Pop 
104.3 Hit FM (El Paso, TX)  Slammin' 7@7  HipHop 
WWWZ 93 Jamz (Charleston, SC)  Top 20 Playlist  HipHop 
WJFX Hot 107.9 (Ft. Wayne, IN)  Hot 9 @ 9  HipHop 
WDAS 105.3 (Philadelphia, PA)  Top 10  R&B 
WIBB 97.9 (Macon, GA)  Top Ten  HipHop 
KFRG 95.1 (Riverside-San Bernardino, CA)  Playlist  Country 
WDVX 89.9 (Knoxville, TN)  Playlist  Americana 
WSNX 104.5 (Grand Rapids, MI)  Most Played  HipHop 
KNKK The Knack (Needles, CA)  The Knack Playlist  Pop 
1Club.FM  1Club.FM Hot 5's  Pop 
WHTZ Z-100 (New York, NY)  Top 10  Pop 
WRRV 92.7/96.9 (Newburgh-Middletown, NY)  Playlist  Alternative 
WZNE 94.1 The Zone (Rochester, NY)  Zone Playlist  Rock 
WAVA Wave Country 92.7 (Stuart, FL)  Top 10  Country 
KAGG Aggie 96 (College Station, TX)  Aggie 96 Top Ten  Country 
WMEE 97.3 (Ft. Wayne, IN)  Playlist  AC 
WBZT 96.7 The Buzzard (Greenville-Spartanburg, SC)  Buzzard Top 10  Rock 
WTFX 93.1 The Fox (Louisville, KY)  Our Most Wanted  Rock 
WLOQ 103.1 Smooth Jazz (Winter Park, FL)  Top 25 Songs  Jazz 
WGRB Gospel 1390 (Chicago, IL)  Top 10  Gospel 
WTBT US 103.5 (Bradenton, FL)  Top Country!  Country 
KKRZ Z-100 (Portland, OR)  Z100 Playlist  Pop 
WZPW Power 92 (Peoria, IL)  Playlist  Pop 
WGXL XL 92.3 (Lebanon, NH)  Top 10  AC 
WMTX Mix 100.7 (Tampa, FL)  Mix Top 10  AC 
KSTT Coast 101.3 (San Luis Obispo, CA)  Top 10  AC 
WIKX KIX 92.9 (Charlotte Harbor, FL)  Top 10  Country 
KRBE 104 (Houston, TX)  Most Played  Pop 
KTPI 103.1 (Lancaster-Palmdale, CA)  Top 10  Country 
KXJM Jammin' 95.5 (Oregon)  Jammin Music  HipHop 
KMUD (Redway/Humboldt County, CA)  Music Charts  AAA 
WTVR Lite 98 (Richmond, VA)  Top 10 Songs  AC 
WYCD 99.5 (Detroit, MI)  Top 10  Country 
KGBY Y-92.5 (Sacramento, CA)  Top 10 Songs  AC 
WARM 103.3 (Harrisburg-Lancaster-York, PA)  Current Playlist  AC 
KQNG Kong (Kauai, HI)  Top 40 Chart  AC 
WAKW 93.3 (Cincinnati, OH)  Top Songs  Christian 
WQPO Q101 (Harrisonburg, VA)  Top 40  Pop 
KHAK - 98.1  Playlist  Country 
RadioWave Airplay Monitor  Alternative/Modern Rock  Alternative 
WKIS 99.9 (Miami, FL)  Top 20  Country 
KRBR 102.5 The Beat (Duluth, MN)  Hitlist  Rock 
KGLL 96.1 Kiss FM (Ft. Collins, CO)  Hot 9 @ 6  Pop 
WDAQ 98Q (Danbury, CT)  Playlist  Pop 
WMUS 107 (Muskegon, MI)  Top 10  Country 
WPTE 94.9 The Point (Norfolk-Virginia Beach, VA)  The Point Playlist  AAA 
WLYF 105.1 Lite FM (Miami, FL)  Most Popular Songs  AC 
WJZT 97.7 (Woodville, FL)  Top 20  Jazz 
WONU 89.7 Shine FM (Chicago, IL)  Top 20  Christian 
WBCT B-93.7 (Grand Rapids, MI)  Top 10  Country 
WHRZ Radio Z (Spartanburg, SC)  Rock Hits  Christian 
WRVQ Q-94 (Richmond, VA)  Q94 Top 10  Pop 
KPLX 99.5 The Wolf (Dallas, TX)  The Wolf's Playlist  Country 
WTLQ Latino 97.7 (Punta Rassa, FL)  Top 20  Latin 
KRQR 106.7 Z-Rock (Chico, CA)  25 Song Playlist  Rock 
KWIE Wild 96 (San Bernadino/Riverside, CA)  Playlist  HipHop 
KSFM 102.5 (Sacramento, CA)  Playlist  HipHop 
KDXY 104.9 The Fox (Jonesboro-Lake City-Paragould, AR)  The Fox Playlist  Country 
KRXQ 98 Rock (Sacramento, CA)  The Top 10  Rock 
KZSN 102.1 (Hutchinson-Wichita, KS)  Top 10  Country 
KMXH Power 106.5 (Springfield, MO)  Power Hitlist  HipHop 
WMAD 96.3 Star Country (Madison, WI)  Top 10 Songs  Country 
KHEY 96.3 (El Paso, TX)  Top 10  Country 
KBIG 104.3 (Los Angeles, CA)  Top 10 Songs  Pop 
WAMO 106.7 (Pittsburgh, PA)  Playlist  HipHop 
WZKL Q92 (Canton, OH)  Top 5@5  Pop 
WLKT 104.5 The Cat (Lexington, KY)  Top 10 Songs  Pop 
WUMB Folk Radio 91.9 (Boston, MA)  Top 100 CDs 1998  Folk 
WMKL The Call 91.7 (Key Largo, FL)  Call FM Charts  Christian 
KPWR Power 106 (Los Angeles, CA)  Top 5 Tracks  HipHop 
WDHT Hot 102.9 (Dayton, OH)  Playlist  HipHop 
WXEG New Rock 103.9 (Dayton, OH)  Top 10  Alternative 
KICT T-95 (Wichita, KS)  Top 5 @ 9  Rock 
WPLJ 95.5 (New York, NY)  PLJ Playlist  AAA 
WXKS-FM (Kiss 108 - Medford, MA)  Kiss Top 10  Pop 
KHJZ 95.7 (Houston, TX)  Wave Top 20  Jazz 
WLKN Lake 98.1 (Sheboygan, WI)  Playlist  AC 
KORD 102.7 (Pasco, WA)  Top 10 Songs  Country 
WGWG 88.3 (Boiling Springs/Charlotte, NC)  Playlist  Americana 
KBMB 103.5 The Bomb (Sacramento, CA)  Playlist  HipHop 
KSCS 96.3 (Dallas, TX)  Playlist  Country 
WKOA K-105 (Lafayette, IN)  Top 30  Country 
Rhythm96,com  Capn's Pick Hitz  R&B 
WWQM Q106 (Madison, WI)  Top 30  Country 
WILD 97.7 (Quincy, MA)  Playlist  R&B 
WKCY 104.3 (Harrisonburg, VA)  Top 10 Songs  Country 
WBZX 99.7 The Blitz (Columbus, OH)  Top 10  Rock 
WLVE Love 94 (Miami, FL)  Top 10  Jazz 
K-Love Radio  Top Songs  Christian 
KODA Sunny 99.1 (Houston, TX)  Casey's Top 10  AC 
KRZR 103.7 (Fresno, CA)  Top 10  Rock 
WGIR Rock 101 (Manchester, NH)  New Rock  Rock 
WKEY Key 93.5 FM (Key West, FL)  Top 10  Pop 
WKKG 101.5 (Columbus, IN)  Top Ten  Country 
WYYX 97-X (Panama City, FL)  Playlist  Rock 
WKIS 99.9 (Boca Raton, FL)  Top 20  Country 
KALF 95.7 (Chico, CA)  Top 7  Country 
WLDI Wild 95.5 (Fort Pierce, FL)  Most Played  Pop 
KEZR Mix 106.5 (San Jose, CA)  Most Popular Songs  AC 
KYKR Kicker 95.1 (Beaumont, TX)  Kicker's Playlist  Country 
WPHH Power 104.1 (Hartford, CT)  Top 10 Songs  HipHop 
KBEQ Q104 (Kansas City, MO)  Playlist  Country 
KBXX 97.9 The Box (Houston, TX)  Box Top 30  HipHop 
WKEY Key 93.5 (Key West, FL)  Top 10  AC 
WUMB Folk Radio 91.9 (Boston, MA)  Top 100 CDs 2001  Folk 
The Beat (Radio Network)  Airplay  Dance 
KSUA 91.5 FM (Fairbanks, AK)  Top 30  Alternative 
KQKY Hits 106 (Kearney, NE)  Playlist  Pop 
WMJM Majic 104.9 (Columbia, IL)  Top 10  R&B 
WSIX The Big 98 (Nashville, TN)  Top 10 Songs  Country 
WALK 97.5 (Long Island, NY)  Top Ten Played  AC 
WWCD CD-101.1 (Columbus, OH)  Playlist  Alternative 
WAMZ 97.5 (Louisville, KY)  Top 10 @ 10  Country 
KIBZ 104.1 The Blaze (Lincoln, NE)  Top 10 Songs  Rock 
KRYS K-99 (Corpus Christi, TX)  Top 10  Country 
WAMR Amor 107.5 (Miami, FL)  Top 10  Latin 
WPEG Power 98 (Charlotte, NC)  Top 10 Requests  HipHop 
WRUF 103.7 (Gainsville, FL)  Rock104's Top Ten  Rock 
KOAS 105.7 (Las Vegas, NV)  Top 10  Jazz 
KKCW K-103 (Portland, OR)  Top 10 Songs  AC 
WNUS US-107 (Marietta, OH)  Top 10  Country 
WXXP Party 105.3 (Riverhead, NY)  Playlist  Dance 
WSYR Star 94.7 (Gifford, FL)  Top 10  AC 
WGAJ (Deerfield, MA)  Top 40 Survey  Pop 
KIOI Star 101.3 (San Francisco, CA)  Top 10 Stars  AC 
KXHT Hot 107.1 (Memphis, TN)  Hot Playlist  HipHop 
RadioWave Airplay Monitor  Adult Hits/AAA  Adult 
WXSR X-101.5 (Quincy, FL)  Top 10  Alternative 
KAIK 102.5 (Fairbanks, AK)  Weekly Top 10  Country 
KZSU (90.1 FM, Stanford University)  Chart  Alternative 
KKMX Kiss 104.5 (Roseburg, OR)  Hit Music Chart  AC 
WVRK Rock 103 (Columbus, GA)  Your Most Requested  Rock 
WCIL 101.5 (Carbondale/Marion, IL)  Hot 529  Pop 
KASH 107.5 FM (Anchorage, AK)  Playlist  Country 
KZZE 106.3 (Medford, OR)  Top 10 Songs  Rock 
KTCL 93.3 (Denver, CO)  Top 20 Videos  Alternative 
96.7 Kiss-FM (Bozeman, MT)  Top 10 Songs  Pop 
WKGB 92.5 (Binghamton, NY)  Top 10 Songs  Rock 
WKTK 98.5 (Crystal River, FL)  Top Ten Songs  AC 
KUPD 98 (Phoenix, AZ)  Top 98  Rock 
WCKT Cat Country 100FM (Port Charlotte, FL)  Top 10 Songs  Country 
XHPX exa FM (El Paso, TX)  Top 10  Latin 
WLKG 96.1 The Lake (Lake Geneva, WI)  Top 20  AC 
KMJY Magic 93.7 (Biloxi, MS)  Magic's Top 10  AC 
WTLC AM1310 (Indianapolis, IN)  Top Ten  Gospel 
KWOD 106.5 (Sacramento, CA)  Playlist  Alternative 
WMRV Star 105.7 (Binghamton, NY)  Top 10 Songs  Pop 
KBKS Kiss 106.1 (Seattle, WA)  Playlist  Pop 
KOSO B-93.1 (Modesto, CA)  Top 10  AC 
KSMB 94.5 (Lafayette, LA)  Playlist  Pop 
KHJY 94-HJY (Providence, RI)  The Top 10  Rock 
WFKS 97.9 Kiss-FM (Neptune Beach, FL)  Top 10  HipHop 
KMAG 99.1 (Ft. Smith, AR)  Top 10  Country 
WILD 106.1 (San Luis Obispo, CA)  Playlist  HipHop 
CASA 106.7 (Dallas, TX)  Playlist  HipHop 
KZZP 104.7 Kiss FM (Phoenix, AZ)  Top 10  Pop 
WFHN Fun 107 (Fairhaven, MA)  Top 7 at 9  Pop 
96.1 The Beat (Colorado Springs, CO)  Springs Top 10  HipHop 
US Country Network  US Country Network  Country 
Squizz Radio Network  Airplay  Rock 
WUMB Folk Radio 91.9 (Boston, MA)  Top 100 CDs 2002  Folk 
WDBR 103.7 (Springfield, IL)  Top Requests  Pop 
WRNQ 92.1 (Poughkeepsie, NY)  Casey's Top 10  AC 
CHUM (1050 AM)  CHUM Chart Top 30  Rock 
WDIA AM-1070 (Memphis, TN)  Top 10 Songs  R&B 
Ethel Radio Network  Airplay  Rock 
WQUE Q-93 (New Orleans, LA)  Top 10  HipHop 
WZOK 97-ZOK (Rockford, IL)  97ZOK Music  Pop 
WRUF Rock 104 (Gainsville, FL)  Top Ten  Rock 
Air1 Radio  Top Songs  Christian 
KFRX 102.7 (Lincoln, NE)  Weekly Top 10  Pop 
KYCC (Stockton, CA)  Top 30  Christian 
KHSL 103.5 The Blaze (Chico, CA)  Top Ten Country Songs of the Week  Country 
WFKS 97.9 (Jacksonville, FL)  Top 10  Pop 
WEBN 102.7 (Cincinnati, OH)  Top 10  Rock 
WNSL SL-100 (Laurel-Hattiesburg, MS)  Top 10 This Week  Pop 
KVSP 103.5 (Oklahoma City, OK)  Top 10 Playlist  HipHop 
KZST 100.1 (Santa Rosa, CA)  Top 10  AC 
KILT 100.3 (Houston, TX)  Hudson & Harrigan's Hot 30 Hits  Country 
WNOU Radio Now 93.1 (Indianapolis, IN)  Playlist  Pop 
KVRK 89.7 Power FM (Dallas, TX)  Power FM Top Songs  Christian 
WLLD Wild 98.7 (Holmes Beach, FL)  Top 20  HipHop 
KUBE 93 FM (Seattle, WA)  Top 10 Songs for Summer  Pop 
WEZF Star 92.9 (Burlington, VT)  Top 10 Songs  AC 
KKIX Kix 104 (Fayetteville, AR)  Kix Top 10  Country 
WHLG Coast (Port Saint Lucie, FL)  Playlist  AC 
WYHT Y-105 (Mansfield, OH)  Top 10  Pop 
KHXT 107.9 (Lafayette, LA)  Playlists  HipHop 
KDGE 102.1 The Edge (Dallas, TX)  Top 10  Alternative 
KISC Kiss 98.1 (Spokane, WA)  Top 10  AC 
KKED 104.7 FM - The Edge (Fairbanks, AK)  Top Ten  Rock 

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