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   1996 U.S. Album Charts
   1996 Personal Album Charts
International Album Charts - Top Albums of 1996

Chart Chart Name Genre #1
New Musical Express (NME)  NME Albums 1996  Pop  Beck - 'Odelay' 
Melody Maker  1996 Melody Maker Albums  Pop  Manic Street Preachers - 'Everything Must Go' 
Muzik Magazine  Albums of the Year  Pop  DJ Shadow - 'Endtroducing' 
Free40  Album Top 20 1996  Alternative  Eels - "Beautiful Freak" 
Spex (magazine)  1996 Poll: LP/CD  Pop  Tortoise - 'Millions Of Now Living Will Never Die' 
Musik Express Sounds  Pop Poll 1996 - Die beste CD des Jahres  Pop  R.E.M. - 'Adventures In Hi-Fi' 
Spex (magazine)  Lange LPs  Pop  Lipps Inc. - 'Life's A Gas' 
Mixmag (magazine)  1996 Albums  Dance  Underworld - 'Second Toughest In The Infants' 
InfoDisc  Les Albums (CD) les plus Vendus en 1996  Pop  The Fugees - "The Score" 
Eye Weekly  Top Albums of 1996  Rock  Beck - 'Odelay' 
Kerrang! (magazine)  1996 Albums  Rock  Screaming Trees - 'Dust' 
Terrorizer (magazine)  Albums of '96  Rock  Type O Negative - 'October Rust' 

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