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   1996 U.S. Album Charts
   1996 International Album Charts
Personal Album Charts - Top Albums of 1996

Chart Chart Name Genre #1
Jumping Fences  JF's Best 100 Albums of the 1990's by Year  Rock  The Brian Jonestown Massacre - 'Thank God For Mental Illness' 
Serba Chart  Albums '96  Alternative  Wedding Present - "Mini" 
The Rock Czar  Top 10 Albums of 1996  Rock  Soundgarden - "Down On The Upside" 
Hell Of  Top Five of 1996  Rock  Guided By Voices - "Under The Bushes, Under The Stars" 
Robert Christgau's Lists  1996 Albums  Pop  DJ Shadow - 'Endtroducing…DJ Shadow' 
Tsort  Albums in the Year 1996  Pop  Celine Dion - "Falling Into You" 
Mike's Fave Fifteen Plus  Mike's Favorite Albums of 1996    Beck - 'Odelay' 
3 Minutes, 49 Seconds  1996 Top 10  Pop  Sting - "Mercury Falling" 
masted (  Favourite Albums of 1996  Pop  Arto Lindsay - "Mundo Civilizado" 

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