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   2005 International Album Charts
   2005 Personal Album Charts
Top Albums of 2005 - U.S. Album Charts

Chart Chart Name Genre #1
Music Imprint  Top Albums of 2005  Rock  Coldplay - "X&Y" 
Billboard  Billboard 200 Albums  Pop  50 Cent - "The Massacre" 
Billboard  Country Albums  Country  Shania Twain - "Greatest Hits" 
Billboard  R&B/Hip-Hop Albums  R&B  50 Cent - "The Massacre" 
The Rock And Roll Report  David Bush's Favorite Albums of 2005  Rock  Sparkwood - 'Jalopy Pop' 
WMBR (Cambridge, MA)  Yearly Rock Report for 2005  Alternative  Various - "Garage Beat '66" 
WXPN 88.5 (Philadelphia, PA)  Top 50 Countdown 2005  AAA  Coldplay - 'X&Y' 
WNCW 88.7 (Spindale-Asheville/Greenville/Spartanburg, NC)  Top 100 of 2005  Americana  James McMurtry - 'Childish Things' 
WNCW 88.7 (Spindale-Asheville/Greenville/Spartanburg, NC)  Top 50 Bluegrass Releases of 2005  Bluegrass  Del McCoury Band - 'The Company We Keep' 
WNCW 88.7 (Spindale-Asheville/Greenville/Spartanburg, NC)  Top 10 Blues Releases of 2005  Blues  Blind Boys of Alabama - 'Atom Bomb' 
WNCW 88.7 (Spindale-Asheville/Greenville/Spartanburg, NC)  Staff Top 10 Lists  Americana   
Rolling Stone Magazine  Critics Poll  Pop  Kanye West - "Late Registration" 
WNCW 88.7 (Spindale-Asheville/Greenville/Spartanburg, NC)  Top 20 ARC Overnight Releases of 2005  Alternative  My Morning Jacket - 'Z' 
Acclaimed Music  The Top Albums from 2005  Pop  Sufjan Stevens - "Illinois" 
The Village Voice  2005 Album Winners  Pop  Kanye West - "Late Registration" 
WNCW 88.7 (Spindale-Asheville/Greenville/Spartanburg, NC)  Top 20 Regional Releases of 2005  Americana  Biscuit Burners - 'A Mountain Apart' 
WNCW 88.7 (Spindale-Asheville/Greenville/Spartanburg, NC)  Top 20 Celtic Releases of 2005  Celtic  The Chieftains - 'Live From Dublin'  Top Albums of 2005  Rock  Coil - "The Ape of Naples" 

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