Song Lists

We hope the song lists below help you find the music you need for your party, wedding, or your favorite music mix.

Wedding Song Lists:
    Cake Cutting Songs

    Dance Songs
    Father/Daughter Dance Songs
    Mother/Son Dance Songs
    Last Dance Songs

Breakup Song Lists:
    All Breakup songs
    You Suck
    I'll Be Ok
    I'm Leaving You
    You Cheated
    Don't Leave
    Mutual Breakup

Christmas Song Lists:
    Popular Christmas Songs (radio hits)
    Traditional Christmas Songs / Christmas Carols

Color Song Lists:
    Brown songs
    Blue songs
    Black songs
    Purple songs

Animal Song Lists:
    Dog songs
    Bird songs
    Cat songs
    Chicken songs
    Fish songs
    Horse songs
    Monkey songs
    Other Animal songs - Lions & tigers & bears (and more)

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New Year's Eve Party Songs

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