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A recent VH1 show features a countdown of some of the worst songs to hit the charts in recent years.  Below are the top 10 bad songs on that countdown.  Which do you think is the worst?
1065 total votes
Compiled in 2004-2005

  24%  Ruben Studdard - Sorry 2004
  20%  JC Chasez - Some Girls (Dance With Women)
  12%  Rednex - Cotton Eye Joe
  11%  Michael Bolton - Can I Touch You...There?
    8%  Puff Daddy f/ 112 - I'll Be Missing You
    8%  Bobby Brown w/ Whitney Houston - Something In Common
    7%  Master P - Make Em Say Uhh #2
    4%  Billy Joel - We Didn't Start The Fire
    3%  Spin Doctors - Two Princes
Corey Hart - Sunglasses At Night

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